Supplies of equipment for cinemas

       The Sahypromix company carries out deliveries, installation, service and after-service of high-class equipment for equipping cinemas. The products of world-famous brands such as Christie, Barco, Panasonic and others are used to ensure that your films are shown in modern 4K quality. The world-famous brands JBL, Meyer Sound, QSC are used for dubbing cinemas. The company performs a full technical justification, supply, installation, service and after-service maintenance of equipment for showing movies, cartoons both for individual use and for a full-fledged cinema. We can provide you with a dynamic sound and visual environment that literally immerses the audience in the action of the film.

You can view and order the products you are interested in. To do this, click on the logo of the company you are interested in and go to the website. Having selected the products you need, for more information, you can write to us on the Contacts page